The Arrigo Advantage

The Arrigo Advantage

Why Buy Anywhere Else? - Get The Arrigo Advantage.

Getting the best deal possible on your new vehicle is important. But what about after you buy it? At Arrigo FIAT of West Palm Beach, we believe you should continue to save after you’ve bought from us. That’s where the Arrigo FIAT Advantage comes in.

It’s packed with over $7,500 in savings that benefit you long after your initial purchase. So what are you waiting for? Get the only advantage you’ll ever need – the Arrigo FIAT Advantage.

The Arrigo FIAT Advantage

$69 Value – Customer Welcome Kit

$99 Value – Roadside Assistance

$149 Value – Anti-Theft VIN Etching

$149 Value – Headlight Protection

$199 Value – A/C System Refresh

$199 Value – Door Edge & Cup Guards

$199 Value – Rain Repellent

$299 Value – Nitrogen Tire Service

$399 Value – Sanitization & Antimicrobial

$799 Value – Paint & Fabric Protection

Up To $2,500 Value – Stolen Vehicle Assistance

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A value like this isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else. Because only Arrigo goes the extra mile like this to give you over $7,500 in benefits. Learn more about how you can save with the Arrigo FIAT Advantage by visiting us today.